Gerontological Nurse Practice Test

To become an RN – BC, you must first pass an ANCC gerontological nursing board certification exam. This is to ensure that you have the clinical knowledge and skills of an RN in the gerontological specialty. After passing this exam you will receive your official credential as an RN – BC or Registered Nurse- Board Certified. This is valid for 5 years. To maintain your license by meeting renewal requirements at the time of your renewal.

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Who is Eligible?

Those who wish to take this exam should have:

  • A current and active RN license
  • Practiced at least two full years as a registered nurse
  • A minimum of 2000 clinical practice hours in the gerontological specialty within the last three years
  • Completed at least 30 hours of continuing education in gerontological nursing within the last three years

There is an initial certification fee of $395 for everyone who is not an American Nurses Association member. For those that are members, your fee is $295. This includes a $140 non-refundable administration fee.

Once your application has been approved you will receive notification allowing you to schedule your exam. This must be completed within 90 days from the time of your approval or you risk forfeiting your application fees.

When and Where is it Taken?

This exam can be taken year-round during your 90-day testing window at one of many Prometric locations and a time of your choosing. Space may be limited so scheduling your exam is recommended as early as possible.

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Preparation Tips

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