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A candidate desiring to take the NBE must first be school-verified as having completed every other requirement for graduation from an ABSFE-accredited mortuary science program. Your program director is responsible for providing the Verification of Graduation. Note: The licensure process for some regulatory boards may require additional exams. Check with your funeral service regulatory authority to verify whether the NBE is the only exam required.

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How do I register?

Registration requires approval of your program director, registering for the exam, and choosing a time and place to take the exam. Registration is available online or by mail. Examination fees, which are non-refundable, are required when you submit your application. Once your registration is approved, an authorization to test will be released to Pearson VUE. Your confirmation email will contain information in regards to scheduling the exam.

How much does it cost?

There are two sections of the NBE. Each section costs $285.

Where do I take the NBE exam?

Once you receive confirmation that you are authorized to test, you will schedule an appointment to take the NBE exam at a Pearson VUE professional testing facility. These testing facilities are located across the United States. The Pearson VUE website provides information on testing center locations and hours.

On the day of your test, plan to arrive 30 minutes early to check in. Proper identification as outlined on their website is required. Other requirements for check-in include having your photo taken, scanning the palm of your hand, and electronically signing the Candidate Rules Agreement.

What is the format and length of the NBE exam?

A brief on-screen tutorial is provided before beginning the exam. The 3 hour-testing time does not begin until after the tutorial is complete. The computer-based NBE is administered in two sections: NBE-Arts and NBE-Sciences. Both sections contain 170 multiple choice questions of which only 150 questions are scored. The remaining 20 questions are pretest questions being considered for future exams. The pretest questions are not identified so all 170 questions should be carefully answered.

What is allowed to be brought into the testing room?

Candidates are forbidden from bringing any materials into the testing room. An erasable board and marker to take notes with will be made available; headphones and earplugs are available upon request. Watches are not permitted in the testing room and large jewelry may be required to be removed. No eating, drinking, chewing gum, or smoking is allowed in the testing room.

What is the content of the NBE exam?

The NBE consists of two sections, Arts and Sciences. Each section is broken into subtest categories.

  • National Board Examination – Arts
    • Funeral Arranging & Directing (51 items)
    • Funeral Service Marketing/Merchandising (21 items)
    • Funeral Service Counseling (22 items)
    • Legal & Regulatory Compliance (36 items)
    • Cemetery and Crematory Operations (20 items)
  • National Board Examination – Sciences
    • Embalming (58 items)
    • Restorative Art (34 items)
    • Preparation for Disposition (31 items)
    • Funeral Service Sciences (27 items)

How is the exam scored?

Each section of the NBE is scored separately although both sections must receive passing scores to be considered passing the NBE. A minimum scaled score of 75 is required to receive a “pass” although no numerical score is provided to the candidate. Candidates will receive a score of pass/fail upon completion of the exam. If a failing score is received, a performance feedback bar chart signifying the candidate’s performance in each section is also provided. The 20 pretest questions are not used to calculate the final score; only the 150 core questions are used.

What if I don’t pass the exam?

A candidate is required to pass both sections of the NBE in order to be considered passing the NBE. It is possible to pass one section but not the other. Only the section that didn’t receive a passing score needs to be retaken. To retake either section, a new application is required with fee payment. Candidates must wait 90 days before retaking a failed section. Candidates are allowed to sit for the NBE only three times in a one year period. There is no time limit on attempting to pass a second section of the NBE.

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Funeral Service Exam Secrets

Funeral Service Exam Secrets (Study Guide)

Funeral Service Study Guide

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