Five Part Essay

There are two ways to prepare a five-part essay. For the first style, start with the introduction and set up the thesis statement. Then, move to the narrational part, in which you provide background information to allow the reader to gain context for your thesis. The third step is affirmation. Affirmation refers to the point in which you provide facts, statements, and details to support your thesis. Then, the negation portion of the essay is the point in which you can bring up and potentially refute possible arguments about your thesis. The conclusion is where you can restate the thesis and sum up what the paper is about. In the second style of writing, the introduction is very similar to the first in which you establish a thesis statement. However, the middle three paragraphs are referred to as body paragraphs in which the writer explains why the thesis is correct. The conclusion also restates the thesis and sums up the paper.


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Last updated: 07/11/2018


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