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Entertainment Texts
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Entertainment Texts

Entertainment texts are very exciting pieces of writing to read, because they’re meant to entertain. A lot of times, they can be funny and humorous or just exciting in general. First of all, an entertainment text is meant to entertain. Just like it sounds, the purpose of an entertainment text is for the writer to entertain the reader.

In other works of writing the writer may be trying to persuade the reader or inform the reader. Sometimes in an entertainment text the writer will succeed in both entertaining and persuading or entertaining and informing. That’s not really the purpose of this type of writing. They’re just trying to entertain. Generally, this type of writing is going to be fiction. Sometimes one of these texts can relate an actual event that happened that might be humorous or entertaining. Generally, it’s going to be some kind of story that is made up.

These kind of writings are going to appeal to the emotions of the reader. A lot of times, really strong language will be used here. The strong language is used to promote some kind of emotion within the reader. That’s why strong language is used. Entertainment texts also show the author’s personality, because entertainment texts aren’t really strict in the form that they’re in.

The author has a lot of wiggle room there in writing this paper. You’ll really get to see the author’s personality. This can oftentimes be really good thing. Finally, the reader is the judge. Here, in this type of writing, the reader is the one that decides whether the writer succeeded in being entertaining.

It’s important that the writer focuses on the reader in this paper, because the reader is going to be the one to evaluate the writer. If the purpose of the paper is for the writer to entertain the reader, then the writer needs to be very sure that they are indeed entertaining the reader. The important thing to remember about entertainment texts is that they do exactly what they sound like they do: they entertain.

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