Elements that Influence Fiction

Many elements influence a work of prose fiction. Some important ones are: Speech and dialogue – Characters may speak for themselves or through the narrator. Dialogue may be realistic or fantastic, depending on the author’s aim; Thoughts and mental processes – There may be internal dialogue used as a device for plot development or character understanding; Dramatic involvement – Some narrators encourage readers to become involved in the events of the story, whereas others attempt to distance readers through literary devices; Action – This is any information that advances the plot or involves new interactions between the characters; Duration – The time frame of the work may be long or short, and the relationship between described time and narrative time may vary; Setting and description – Is the setting critical to the plot or characters? How are the action scenes described?; Themes – This is any point of view or topic given sustained attention; Symbolism – Authors often veil meanings through imagery and other literary constructions.


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Last updated: 12/18/2017
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