What is a Review?

A review is a text that is used to describe the quality of something. A review needs to include the following: A short, concise summary and your perception of the work. Your perception of the work is your opinion that is backed up by things that happened in the event, book, or movie. When you include both of these in your review, you add credibility to the your work.

Different parts of a Review

A review is basically a recap of something. It’s like a book report or a review about a movie. It’s when the author of an essay is trying to tell someone else what happened and what they thought about it. The first thing a review needs to include is a summary. Notice I said “summary”. When you think of summary, think of something kind of short.

You’re not telling the reader exactly what happened throughout the entire story. You’re just giving them a synopsis, an overview. This should be short, just one or two sentences, so your reader can read the summary and get an idea of what happened. You don’t want to have any details. This is not a time for specifics.

This is just a time for giving, again, a general overview of the book. The second thing that a review needs to include is what you thought about it. Perception. Tell the reader what the book, or the movie, or the event was like to you. That that comes under perception. Don’t just say what you thought about it. Prove your points.

In other words, give them information to backup everything. Instead of just saying that the movie was awesome, tell your reader why you thought it was awesome, so they, too, will agree that it is awesome. When writing your review, remember to have a summary, but keep the summary short and don’t put specifics in your summary.

Second, give your perception of the event, the book, the movie, whatever you’re writing about, but back up all of your main points so the reader will agree with you.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: August 20, 2019