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The Certified Safety Professional Exam is used to measure a candidate’s knowledge and skills necessary to work as a safety professional. That includes making risk assessments, evaluating safety procedures and protocols, investigating incidents and more.

What Do I Need to Register for the CSP Exam?

Before you can become certified you need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, 135 hours of safety training, and four years of experience in a position where professional safety is a function of the job.

The first step to registering is submitting an application to confirm that you meet these eligibility requirements. Once you have been approved, you will have a full year from the date of approval to sit for the exam so don’t hesitate to give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the test.

You can also take the exam as many times as you need with just six weeks between attempts. While this is a nice option to have, the exam fee of $510 is not cheap so you really don’t want to take it more than once so it’s better to give yourself more than enough time to prepare for your first try.

The test is offered continuously at approved testing centers across the country. So you can choose the date, time, and location that is most convenient for you.

What Should I Bring on the Day of the Test?

The test is computer administered so you won’t need to bring pencils or paper. However, you probably do want to bring a calculator. You first need to make sure your calculator is an approved model otherwise you will not be allowed to bring it into the exam room. The following is a list of calculators which will be allowed:

  • Casio Models FX-115, FX-250, FX-260, or FX-300
  • Hewlett Packard Models HP 9, HP 10, HP 12, or HP 30
  • Texas Instruments Models TI-30, TI-34, TI-35, or TI-36

If your calculator is not one of these models, you will need to get a new one. If you aren’t 100% sure your model is accepted, call and confirm with the testing center.

Beyond the calculator, you also need to make sure you bring two forms of ID. At least one of these must be a valid, government-issued ID such as a state ID, passport, driver’s license, or military ID. The second form of ID is less restrictive. This could be any photo ID you have. If you have two forms of government-issued ID, however, just bring both of those.

CSP Practice Questions

Which Subjects Are Covered on the Exam?

There will be 175 questions on the exam divided across nine content domains as follows:

  • Domain 1 (7.4%) Advanced Science and Math
  • Domain 2 (19.5%) Management Systems
  • Domain 3 (10.3%) Risk Management
  • Domain 4 (22.9%) Advanced Safety Concepts
  • Domain 5 (9.1%) Emergency Preparedness, Fire Prevention, and Security
  • Domain 6 (8.0%) Occupational Health and Ergonomics
  • Domain 7 (6.3%) Sustainability Principles
  • Domain 8 (9.1%) Training and Education
  • Domain 9 (7.4%) Ethics and Legal Issues

The questions in each domain are oriented toward practical, on-the-job skills and common situations so your years of experience in the field will be very relevant for this test.

When Will I Find Out if I Passed?

You will get your results immediately after completing the exam. As long as you achieve the minimum cumulative score for the entire test, you will have passed, even if you did not pass all nine domains individually.

Even though you don’t need to pass each individual domain, your score report will show you how you performed on each one. This is useful for understanding your strengths and weaknesses, especially if you did not pass and need to retake the exam. Currently, the minimum passing score is 99 out of 175.

How Should I Prepare for the Exam?

The CSP Exam is a very demanding test that will require an extensive amount of knowledge, ability to apply that knowledge, and ability to recall that knowledge quickly. So passing the test is going to require a variety of preparation methods and study aids.

Among the best study aids you could use is the Mometrix Study Guide. It offers a complete overview of all domains of knowledge and skills that you will need. Then, to help you apply that knowledge, it provides a wide range of practice questions designed after the actual questions you will see on the test. So you’ll be able to review and apply the knowledge you need.

To round out your study session, use Mometrix flashcards. Not only does it provide an additional means of reviewing the material, it will also help you improve your speed and accuracy both at recalling information and applying that information.

CSP Study Guide

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