The Causes and Effects of Conflict

A conflict can be caused by a difference in the following: Values; Ideas; Perceptions; Priorities; as well as Organization. Conflicts can be intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup, intergroup, interdepartmental, as well as intercompany. These conflicts can cause anger, frustration, fear, or elation depending on the conflict that is occurring. There can be positives to conflict. Conflicts can create win-win situations. They can improve creativity, understanding, and motivation. They can also inspire a desire to improve among those involved in the conflict. There is also bad conflict. These bad conflicts can cause the following negative results: Hostility among the parties involved; A situation where both parties have lost something; A situation where only one party gains while others lose; as well as Causing decreased productivity among one or more parties.

The Causes and Effects of Conflict

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Last updated: 04/24/2018


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