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Passing the child life exam certifies you for a five-year period to practice as a certified child life specialist (CCLS). This exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge that professionals in this field deem necessary to competent performance.

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Eligibility requirements are about to change. Any one taking the exam prior to January 1, 2019 is required to have:
After January 1, 2019 applicants for the exam must have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Completed 10 college courses in:
    • Child life course taught by a CCLS
    • Child development courses
    • Family Systems course
    • Play course
    • Loss/bereavement or Death/dying course
    • Research course
    • Three additional courses in related subjects
  • Completed 600 hours of a child life clinical internship supervised by a CCLS

The application process includes the verification of these requirements and other information. A $75 fee is also due at that time. Once your application has been approved you will be notified and allowed to register for the certification exam.

What Should I Bring?

Prepare to arrive early to the testing site. Late arrivals will not be given any excuse for not finishing the exam within the allotted amount of time.

You will need to bring your admission or confirmation document with you as well as a valid government issued photo ID. These items will be used for check in. These include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Military ID card
The test is administered via computer, with all of the necessary testing material provided for you. Therefore, any personal items are not necessary and discouraged in the testing room. This includes any electronic devices, calculators, food and drinks, and study material.

What Is Covered?

The test contains 150 multiple-choice questions. You are given a total of four hours to complete it.

It is broken into three main domains, each with several tasks included:

Domain 1: Professional Responsibility (45 questions)

  • Maintain professional standards of practice through adherence to ethical guidelines
  • Promote professional relationships
  • Educate others to promote awareness of child and family needs
  • Participate in choosing and training child life volunteers

Domain 2: Assessment (45 questions)

  • Obtain and use relevant data to develop care plans
  • Identify developmental factors and their implications
  • Identify psychosocial factors and their implications

Domain 3: Intervention (60 questions)

  • Provide support for the specific needs of child and family
  • Establish the use of advocacy skills for child and family
  • Provide educational opportunities to meet child and family needs
  • Encourage efforts to reduce anxiety and fear
  • Teach child and families positive coping strategies
  • Facilitate play to enhance learning and natural development

How Is It Scored?

At the testing center you will be given an unofficial score report. Scores will be subjected to statistical analysis. Afterward, your official score will be released to you in your ACLP user profile.

If you pass the exam you will not see a numerical score value, only that you have passed. You will receive a wall certificate and information to maintain your CCLS credentials shortly after you have taken and passed the exam.

However, if you do not pass the exam, you will receive a scaled numerical score as well as a percentage of correct answers to help you understand what you will need to focus on for the retest.

How To Prepare?

As with any important upcoming test, it is imperative that you obtain a few study materials to make sure that you understand the test material and how the test will be structured.

Here at Mometrix, we have the perfect study guide and set of flashcards for you. These will give you all the information needed along with sample questions that are phrased and structured just as they will be on the exam itself. Let us help you succeed, it’s all we do.

Child Life Study Guide

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Child Life Study Guide
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Child Life Study GuideChild Life Flashcards

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