How to Change a Decimal to a Fraction

In order to change a decimal into a fraction, start by considering the place value of the decimal. If it is in the hundredths, the number can be written over 100. For example, .424 can be written as a fraction. Since it’s furthest place value is the thousandths place, it can be rewritten as 424/1,000. Once you have that number, you will need to simplify. Divide the top and bottom by 8, and you are left with 53/125.

Changing a Decimal to a Fraction

Changing a Decimal to a Fraction

Changing a decimal to a fraction. To change a decimal to a fraction, consider the place value.

For example, 65 hundredths can be written as 65/100, which simplifies to be 13/20, so 65 hundredths is 13/20 as a fraction.

Let’s look at one more, 4 tenths. 4 tenths can be written as 4/10, which then simplifies to be 2/5.

As you can see, changing a decimal to a fraction is pretty easy, just consider the place value and simplify.



by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: June 15, 2020