Cell Theory

The basic tenets of cell theory are that all living things are made up of cells and that cells are the basic units of life. However, cell theory dives deeper than that. Cell theory has evolved over time and is subject to interpretation.

What is the Cell Theory?

Early cell theory was comprised of four statements, the first being “All organisms are made up of cells.” When I say “organisms,” that means all living things. Everything that lives is made up of cells.

The second part of cell theory was that new cells are formed from preexisting cells.

The third part is that all cells are similar.

Finally, cells are the most basic units of life. In other words, everything is made up of cells. Cells are the basic building blocks of organisms and of life. Some other concepts related to classic and modern cell theory include statements such as :

  • Cells provide the basic units of functionality and structure in living things.
  • Cells are both distinct, standalone units and basic building blocks.
  • Energy flow occurs within cells. Cells contain genetic information in the form of DNA.
  • All cells consist of mostly the same chemicals.


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