CBET Practice Test

The Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) exam is used by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) to demonstrate a person’s command of the theory, principles, and procedures for safely using biomedical equipment. While it’s not a legal requirement, certification can make you a more competitive candidate for employment.

CBET Practice Test

Who Is Eligible to Take the CBET Exam?

Only those who meet certain eligibility criteria will be allowed to take the exam. However, there are a few different qualifying “routes” to eligibility that each require a certain blend of education and work experience. Those routes include:

  1. Candidate has an Associate’s degree in biomedical equipment technology and at least two years of full time work experience in a BMET role
  2. Candidate has completed a US military BMET program and has at least two years of full-time work experience in a BMET role.
  3. Candidate has an Associate’s degree in electronics technology and at least three years of full time work experience in a BMET role.
  4. Candidate has at least four years of full time BMET work experience.
If you meet one of these requirements, you can apply to take the test online or by mail. Once you receive your approval to test, you’ll be able to register for the specific date that you want to take the test. You have to register at least 30 days before the date of the exam so you should start the application process at least six weeks before your preferred exam date to allow time for your application to be approved.

What Should I Bring with Me on Test Day?

You will need to arrive at least 15 minutes early with two accepted forms of ID in order to check in for the exam. At least one of those IDs needs to be a current government-issued photo ID like a passport, driver’s license, state ID, or military ID. The second form can be another government-issued photo ID or else a credit card, debit card, or employee ID card.

In addition to ID, you also need to bring your confirmation email that includes your exam launch code. It’s recommended to print this out so that you can leave your phone in the car since you won’t be able to take that into the exam room with you.

Beyond your two forms of ID and your confirmation email, you don’t need (and won’t be allowed) to bring anything else with you.

What Will I Be Tested On?

The CBET exam includes 165 multiple choice questions spanning six content areas. The content areas you’ll be tested on are as follows:

  1. Healthcare Technology Problem Solving – 41-42 Questions
  2. Healthcare Technology and Functions – 41-42 Questions
  3. Public Safety (Employee, Patient, Visitor) in the Healthcare Facility – 24-25 Questions
  4. Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics – 21-22 Questions
  5. Anatomy and Physiology – 19-20 Questions
  6. Healthcare Information Technology – 16-17 Questions
You will have a total of three hours to answer all of the questions which means you have just over one minute per question. Use your time wisely.

When Will I Find Out If I Passed?

You need to answer at least 116 of the 165 questions correctly in order to pass. You will be able to see your unofficial results immediately after completing the exam. These results will simply tell you whether you passed or failed. Within 24 hours, you’ll get an email with this same information.

If you pass, you will receive your official certificate and your wallet card in the mail. If you did not pass, you will receive a diagnostic report in the mail with more detailed information about which content areas you need to work on in order to pass on your next attempt. In either case, your certificate or your diagnostic report will arrive within 30 days.

If you did not pass, you cannot schedule your retake until after you have received your diagnostic report and your second attempt has to be at least 60 days after your first attempt.

What Will I Need to Study for the CBET Exam?

Since you will have encountered much of this information in your day to day on the job or during your educational program, you don’t need to spend months pouring through textbook after textbook. Instead, pick up the Mometrix Study Guide which includes a comprehensive yet easy to understand overview of all six content areas. This will be exactly what you need to review and refresh your memory.

Once it’s refreshed, you can strengthen that memory by using Mometrix Flashcards. These portable and interactive flashcards make studying more versatile and engaging. Both the guide and the flashcards also come with extra tips and test-taking strategies that you can use to make sure you perform your best on exam day.

CBET Study Guide

CBET Study Guide

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CBET Study Guide
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CBET Study GuideCBET Flashcards

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