CASA Reading Practice Test

Prospective Indiana educators who wish to enter the Indiana Educator Licensure Program (IELP) must first demonstrate their knowledge of fundamental elementary concepts through high scores on either standardized exams, like the SAT or ACT, or by achieving passing scores on the Indiana CASA exam. The CASA exam includes three subtests, dedicated to mathematics, writing and reading.


The Indiana CASA Reading subtest is designed to test participants on their fundamental knowledge of reading as it relates to core principles for educators in the state of Indiana.

CASA Reading Practice Test

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What Do I Need to Do to Schedule My Indiana CASA Reading Subtest Appointment?

In order to achieve eligibility for the Indiana CORE Academic Skills Assessment Reading subtest, prospective participants can register to take it independently or as part of the full CASA set, including the mathematics and writing sections as well.

Either way, tests are available to be taken by appointment throughout the year. These appointments are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so participants are encouraged to apply for an appointment at their earliest convenience. Participants must first create an account on the Indiana CORE Assessments website and then they will be shown the availability of specific test dates and times when they attempt to schedule an appointment.

Participants must pay $38 per subtest and certain testing centers may apply additional fees as well.

How Is the Reading Section of the Indiana CASA Exam Administered and What Can I Bring?

The Indiana CASA exam and its subtests are administered at standardized testing centers located throughout Indiana. Every CASA exam section is administered via computer.

The CASA Reading subsection includes 40 multiple-choice questions and participants are given 75 minutes to complete it.

Participants must bring a valid identification that is in sync with the way they registered for the exam. They are prohibited from bringing several items to the test center and/or with them to the individual testing terminal. Prohibited items include tobacco products, weapons, electronic communication devices, MP3 players and cell phones, eyeglasses with communication or recording devices, calculators and calculator watches, handwritten or printed materials including dictionaries and notebooks, hats or headwear that do not serve a religious purpose, food or drink, slide rules, rulers or highlighters and unauthorized medical devices.

What Content Is on the CASA Subtest for Reading?

The content on the Indiana CASA Exam’s Reading subtest is designed to several standards that prevail in Indiana’s educational principles. According to Indiana CORE Assessments for Educator Licensure, these include:

  1. The Meaning of Words and Phrases
  2. Main Idea, Supporting Details and Test Structure
  3. Purpose and Point of View
  4. Critical Reasoning

What Strategies Should I Use While Taking the Indiana CASA Reading Subtest?

Indiana CORE Assessments offers several test-taking strategies for participants in the CASA Reading subtest.

It recommends gaining a deep understanding of the test structure, including the domains covered, objectives, essential elements and test questions.

Participants should also develop a course of study that includes reading the assessment blueprints available online, reading sample questions for each objective and attempting to answer them and developing a plan that focuses their studies.

On the day of the test, participants should be sure to closely follow directions, pace their work, read items carefully, determine their best possible answer and guess wisely, as multiple-choice results are based on the questions that are answered correctly, without penalties for wrong answers.

What Score Do I Need to Achieve to Pass the Reading Subtest of the Indiana CASA Exam?

A score of 220 is required for participants in the Indiana CASA Reading subtest to pass. And, as noted above, prospective educators must pass all three CASA subtests in order to enter the IELP.

After taking the CASA Reading subtest, participants will get a preliminary passing status on their individual testing computer screen immediately upon submitting their test. A printed copy of the preliminary passing status will not be sent.

Participants can then access their official score report on their CASA web account. If a participant takes only the CASA Reading subtest by itself, their score report will be made available within 10 business days. If they take all of the CASA subtests at once, their score report will be available within 20 business days after testing.

How Can I Achieve a Passing Score on the Indiana CASA Reading Subtest?

As each of the Indiana CASA exams are built to test participants on a full understanding of fundamental educational topics, prospective educators must prepare by developing a comprehensive study plan that includes rigorous review of a study guide and flashcard combination. This is especially critical, as the CASA exams do not penalize for wrong answers and, by their structure, encourage participants to at least take an educated guess on every question.

Mometrix Test Preparation offers both a flashcard set and a study guide exclusively designed to help participants in the CASA Reading subtest find success and continue on their journey to becoming fully-licensed educators.

CASA Study Guide

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