CASA Math Practice Test

Indiana CORE Assessments are exams designed specifically for the Indiana Educator Licensure Program (IELP), to determine certification for prospective teachers in the state of Indiana. Before they can enter the IELP, prospective educators must achieve a passing score on each of the CASA exam subtests.


There are three CASA subtests to cover the three major content areas necessary for teaching proficiency: reading, writing, and mathematics. With a demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in these three preliminary fields, candidates can move on to long and rewarding careers in education.

CASA Math Practice Test

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How Can I Take the Indiana CASA Mathematics Section?

The Indiana CASA exam, including the mathematics section, can be taken as a whole and each subtest can be taken individually.

Exam can be schedule by appointment, year-round and test appointment times are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. There are test centers where the exam is given throughout the state of Indiana and their specific locations can be reviewed on the Indiana CORE Assessments website.

Each subtest within the CASA exam costs $38 to take and some test centers may charge additional fees. Payment can be completed via certain credit cards, debit cards or via check.

How Is the CASA Mathematics Subtest Administered and What Can I Bring?

Whether taken individually or as part of all three subtests at once, the CASA Mathematics subtest is administered via computer.

Participants are forbidden from smoking or using tobacco products while taking the exam; they cannot have visitors and weapons are prohibited. Furthermore, they are not allowed to have cell phones, outside calculators, printed materials or notes, food or drink or bags of any kind with them during the test.

Participants are given 75 minutes total to take the CASA Mathematics subtest.

How Is the Content on the Indiana CASA Mathematics Section Divided?

The CASA Mathematics subtest includes 40 multiple-choice questions. About 60 percent of the test weight is taken up by numbers and algebra questions and 40 percent is taken up by geometry and statistics. According to Indiana CORE Assessments, the content relates to four standards within the Indiana Rules for Educator Preparations and Assessment (REPA):

  1. Number and Quantity: Knowledge of number systems, number representations, number operations and basic number theory.
  2. Algebra and Functions: Knowledge of mathematical expressions, basic algebraic techniques and the use of equations and inequalities to model and solve problems.
  3. Measurement and Geometry: Knowledge of the principles and procedures of measurement, basic properties of two- and three-dimensional figures and geometrical reasoning.
  4. Statistics and Probability: Knowledge of the collection, presentation and interpretation of data and the fundamental properties of probability.

What Score Do I Need to Achieve to Pass This Mathematics Subtest of the Indiana CASA Exam?

Participants in the Indiana CASA Mathematics subtest must achieve a score of 220 in order to pass. Prospective educators must pass all three subtests in order to enter the IELP and continue toward their careers in education.

Those who take the CASA Mathematics section will get a preliminary passing status on the computer screen at their testing center as soon as they submit their test. They will not receive a printed copy of the preliminary passing status.

Their official score report will be available on their CASA web account. If a participant takes only the CASA Mathematics section, their score reporting will be available within 10 business days. If they take all of the CASA subtests at one time, their score report will be available within 20 business days after testing.

How Can I Get a Great Score on Indiana’s CASA Mathematics Subsection?

Because Indiana’s CASA subtest devoted to mathematics is focused so heavily on basic educational standards within the field, participants will want to devote a lot of time to studying before they sit for the subtest by itself or as part of the full CASA exam.

Many participants who have gone on to pass the CASA exam, enroll in IELP and pursue rewarding careers in education have done so by spending their study time with the combination of a study guide and a set of flash cards. For instance, Mometrix Test Preparation offers both such a flashcard set and a study guide designed specifically to prepare prospective educations for success on the Indiana CASA Mathematics subtest.

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