ATP Practice Test

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) creates and administers the Assistive Technology Certification (ATP) exam. The ATP certification shows the holder has a competence in evaluating the needs of consumers with disabilities, assisting in choosing assistive devices or technology for the consumer, and training the consumer in the ways the technology or device works.

This exam is so important to your career as an assistive technologist, so be prepared for everything you could see on the exam. Our ATP practice test will test you over what will be on the exam. However, it is just as important that you know the format and rules of the exam! The ATP exam is 200 multiple-choice questions in a computer-based format. You will have a testing period of four hours. The test is pass/fail with the minimum passing cut-off score of 67.6% (136 correct questions).

ATP Practice Test

The break-down of the test domains are as follows:

  • Assessments of Need (27%)
  • Development of Intervention Strategies – Action Plan (34%)
  • Implementation of Intervention (Once Funded) (26%)
  • Evaluation of Intervention (Follow-up) (10%)
  • Professional Conduct (3%)

Be sure to check out our free ATP practice test to make sure that you are prepared to excel on your exam! Curious what kind of questions you may see on our practice test? Look at some example questions from our question bank above!

ATP Study Guide

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ATP Study Guide

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