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If you want to be a clinical social worker, you need to get licensed. The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) administers the Clinical Social Work licensing exam. Professionals who pass the exam show they have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the field. What’s the test like? How can I get a study guide that will help me pass? The information below will help.


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How many questions are on the ASWB Clinical Social Work test?

There are 170 multiple-choice questions. Of those, 150 are scored and 20 are not scored.

How much does it cost to take the test?

It costs $260 to take the test. You can request an application through your local social work regulatory board. (Note that you may have to pay additional fees to your state or jurisdiction’s licensing board.) Your board will provide the approval to take the test, and you can then register with the ASWB.

What’s the time limit when taking the exam?

There is a four-hour time limit.

When should I arrive at the test center and what should I bring?

You should arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes prior to the exam. You’ll need identification — a government issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license, and a secondary ID (work ID, social security card, for example) that has your name and signature.

What can’t I bring into the testing room?

You can’t take any personal items, such as electronic devices, cell phones, watches, and outwear, into the testing room. Any personal items must be stored in a locker at the test center, and you can’t access them during the test. Food and drink are also not allowed, unless candidates have received permission in advance.

What if I need to take a break?

You can take a short break, but the break counts against your exam time.

What’s on the ASWB Clinical Social Work test?

There are four sections to the exam, which tests knowledge, skills and ability. They are described below. In each case, the descriptions include topics that could be included in the exam.

  • Human development, diversity, and behavior. Contains the following topic areas:
    • Human growth and development. Could include the impact of body image; various developmental theories, including sexual development and spiritual development through the lifespan; the impact of loss, separation and grief; gerontology; and the effect of aging parents on adult children.
    • Human behavior in the social environment. May include Interpersonal relationship dynamics; theories of crisis intervention; social change and community development theories; conflict theory; and criminal justice systems.
    • Diversity and discrimination. Concepts of sexual orientation; how the transgender and transitioning process impacts behaviors, attitudes, identity, and relationships; and feminist theory.
  • Assessment, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Contains the following topic areas:
    • Biopsychosocial history and collateral data. Sexual dysfunction indicators; obtaining sensitive information; and how to assess clients/client systems
    • Assessment and diagnosis. Psychosocial stress indicators; behavioral dysfunction indicators; methods of data collection and analysis; and mental and emotional illness indicators.
    • Treatment planning. Trauma-informed care theories; objective and subjective data principals and features; and research design and methods, both basic and applied
  • Psychotherapy, clinical intervention, and case management. Contains the following topic areas:

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    • Therapeutic relationship. Communication techniques, both verbal and nonverbal; acceptance and empathy; and feedback
    • The intervention process. How to set limits; conflict resolution methods; and techniques in role modeling
    • Service delivery and management of cases. Case management components; service delivery methods; and how the political environment impacts policy-making
    • Consultation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Techniques in leadership and management; supervision and consultation models; and networking methods
  • Professional values and ethics. Contains the following topic areas:
    • Professional values and ethical issues. Social work legal and ethical issues; identifying and resolving ethical issues; and several legal and ethical issues, including dual relationships, termination, and death and dying.
    • Confidentiality: Using client records, information security, and mandatory reporting
    • Professional development and use of self: Staying objective; maintaining a safe work environment; and self-care techniques for social workers.

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ASWB Clinical Study Guide – Customer

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