ASVAB Auto and Shop Information

The Auto and Shop Information (AS) section of the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) evaluates your knowledge of automotive systems, automotive repairs, and your understanding of tools and fasteners used in an automotive shop. The AS subtest is not a factor in your Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score.

Test Delivery Method

The ASVAB has two versions: the computer-delivered exam (CAT-ASVAB), and the paper version of the exam. If you take the computer version, you will take it with a group, but you work through the exam at your pace (within the set time limits). The paper version is group-delivered, working through each exam as a whole, moving to the next subtest after the time allowed.

Test Design

The computer-delivered AS subtest consists of 11 auto-related and 11 shop-related multiple-choice questions. You have seven minutes to answer the auto-related questions and six minutes to answer the shop-related questions.

The paper-delivered AS subtests consist of 25 multiple-choice questions, divided between auto and shop-related questions. You have 11 minutes to complete the AS subtest.

Evaluated Knowledge

The Auto and Shop Information subtest examines your knowledge of functioning vehicles and the standard practices and equipment used in their maintenance and repair.

Vehicle-focused questions examine your knowledge and understanding of:

  • Engine components and functions
  • Engine types and sizes
  • The basic knowledge of how an engine works
  • The interaction of each part of the car with each other and the engine
  • Fuel use and consumption
  • The various systems of an automobile – operating, computer, transmission, fuel, electrical, braking, steering, cooling, emissions control, and ignition
  • The engine cycle
  • The purpose of motor components
  • Recognizing and repairing automotive malfunctions

The shop-related questions examine your knowledge of tools typically found in an automotive repair shop, including calipers, chisels, wrenches, pliers, pipe wrenches, striking tools, fastening tools, cutting, drilling, punching, and gouging tools.

Possible questions you may encounter on the exam include:

  • What are the four strokes of an engine cycle?
  • What does the radiator do?
  • What system controls the heating and cooling in a vehicle?
  • When would you use a sliding caliper?
  • Which of the listed tools is a striking tool?
  • What tool do you select to remove an oil pan?

Career Fields

More than 800 different jobs are available in the military, known as military occupational specialties (MOS), placed into fields or branches of the military. The fields are either combat specialties or those that support combat specialties. The AS exam identifies individuals with a predisposition towards combat, general technical, mechanical maintenance, operators and food, and surveillance and communications occupations.


Each correct answer receives one point. Incorrect answers do not receive any credit, while answers left blank count against your score.

Studying Strategies

Regardless of your knowledge in this subject area, remember that the AS exam is timed; spending too much time on a question could negatively affect your score. With a few test strategies, you can use your time wisely to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Use your common sense to draw on your experience and make connections to answer the question. Eliminate answers that you know are wrong, because with each answer you eliminate, you increase your chances of choosing the correct response. Finally, when you do not know the answer, guess.

Remember, your AS score is not included in your AFQT score, so try to relax when working through this section. To prepare as fully as possible for this subtest, use the tools available through Mometrix, including an online study course, flashcards, and study guide.

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