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All candidates attempting to enlist in any military branch will first need to take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). The battery includes ten tests, four of which are used to qualify you to enlist and six of which will be used to place you in the most appropriate job for your skillset. The arithmetic reasoning test is one of the four qualifying tests so it is especially important to make sure you are fully prepared for it.

What Do I Need to Do Before Taking the ASVAB?

Before you can schedule your ASVAB, your recruiter needs to collect detailed information about your education, health, marital status, history of drug use, and arrest record. Be as open and honest as possible about all of this. It’s much better that your recruiter learn about any potential issues from you first before a background check later on reveals that you kept relevant information hidden.

If, based on your answers, the recruiter is still not sure whether or not to approve you for the test, they may ask you to take a short pre-screening test that covers just the first four qualifying exams (including the arithmetic reasoning test). So it’s best for you to prepare for the screening interview as if you were definitely going to take these tests so that you are ready to perform your best in case you are tested.

How Long Does the ASVAB Last?

Altogether, you will have about two and a half hours to complete a total of 145 questions. The arithmetic reasoning section specifically will include 16 questions and you’ll have up to 39 minutes to get through them.

This is the longest amount of time per question of any section in the exam. However, that is no excuse to skip studying for this section. This test is one of the AFQT tests that will count toward the score that determines whether or not you’ll be able to enlist. Moreover, there won’t be any calculators allowed so you will want to make sure you use that time to double check your work and make sure you didn’t make any easy mistakes.

What Skills Are Tested on the Arithmetic Reasoning Section?

The arithmetic reasoning section includes a total of 16 questions measuring your ability to solve arithmetic word problems. While the actual computations and math skills required are fairly basic, this section is still challenging because it requires you to interpret word problems and figure out exactly what the question is asking you to do.

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How Is the Arithmetic Reasoning Test Scored?

You will be given individual scores for each of the tests included in the battery. However, the arithmetic reasoning test will also be given a cumulative score along with mathematics, paragraph comprehension, and word knowledge.

These four tests are grouped under the subheading of the armed forces qualification test (AFQT). Your AFQT score will be reported not as a raw score but as a percentile. So, for example, if you receive a score of 87, that means you performed better than 87% of test takers.

The minimum AFQT score needed to qualify for enlistment depends on which branch of the military you are trying to enlist in:

    • The Air Force requires a minimum of 36 on the AFQT for high school seniors or recent graduates or 65 for those with a GED. Those with a college degree do not have to take the ASVAB but will need to complete a different enlistment process.
    • For the Army, you will need at least a 31 on the AFQT or 50 if you have your GED.
    • For the Marine Corps, you need a 32 if you have a high school diploma or a 50 if you have a GED.
    • For the Navy, you need a 35 minimum if you hold a high school diploma or a 50 minimum if you have the GED.
    • The Coast Guard requires high school diploma holders to get at least a 40 on the ACQT while GED holders must get at least a 50.
    • The National Guard requires a 31 for high school seniors and graduates and a 50 for GED holders.

How Should I Prepare for the Arithmetic Reasoning Test?

You will definitely want some practice dealing with the kind of word problems you’ll face on the arithmetic reasoning test. For that, turn to the Mometrix Study Guide. It includes plenty of practice questions along with proven test-taking strategies. These strategies will help you break down word problems and figure out exactly what you need to do quickly and efficiently.

For additional practice and a more interactive method of reviewing the material, combine the study guide with Mometrix Flashcards. These cards are a great on-the-go study tool and they come with practice questions of their own.

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