Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, and Oort Cloud

Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, and Oort Cloud

We are going to take a look at the asteroid belt, the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud. The asteroid belt is between Mars and Jupiter, and the objects in the asteroid belt are composed of rock and metal.

This rock and metal is similar to those found on the terrestrial planets, and the terrestrial planets are the inner planets of our solar system. Then there’s the Kuiper Belt, which is beyond Neptune’s orbit, but the influence of the gas giants may cause objects from the Kuiper Belt to cross Neptune’s orbit.

Objects are thought to be composed of the frozen forms of water, ammonia, and methane. The Kuiper Belt may be the source of short-period comets. It is estimated that there are 35,000 objects in the Kuiper Belt that are larger than 100 kilometers in diameter, and it is estimated there are 100 million objects that are equal to 20 kilometers in diameter inside the Kuiper Belt.

Then there’s the Oort Cloud, which at this point is just hypothetical, but if the Oort Cloud does exist, then it is far beyond the Kuiper Belt, and it may be the source of long-period comets. That’s a look at the asteroid belt, The Kuiper Belt, and the Oort Cloud.



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