ASP Safety Fundamentals Mathematics Review

Mathematics have long been acknowledged as an important part of engineering. By choosing to become an associate safety professional, you will rely on much of the same skills needed for any other engineering profession, as it will be your job to render industrial workplaces and similar facilities safe enough for its occupants to use on a daily basis. This will often mean taking measurements and making calculations on the fly.

This is why, as part of your final task toward earning your ASP certification, you must prove your knowledge of mathematics by earning a passing score on the ASP Mathematics exam.

The Mathematics section takes up approximately 18 percent of the exam’s full content. Each question featured on this portion of the test will fall under one of nine specific topics, all of which are based on the concepts you’ve learned throughout your ASP training. These topics include Performance Metrics and Indicators, Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene Calculations, Statistics, Electrical Calculations, Financial Principles, Radiation Calculations, Physics Calculations, Engineering Control Calculations, and Structural and Mechanical Calculations.

Scoring well on this exam will require ample preparation with only the best study tools. Allow the Mometrix Test Preparation to help you in that area with our ASP Mathematics practice test! We have designed our practice test with the aid of careful research, all to ensure it is as faithful to the real thing as possible. By using our practice test, you will be better prepared for everything the actual ASP Mathematics test will throw at you.

Should you find you need further help as you study, we also offer an ASP study guide. This tool will also give you a glimpse of what to expect from the exam, as well as reliable advice on how to craft your study plan so you earn the best score you can.

Both of these study tools can be found below. We hope you will choose to integrate them into your study plan. Good luck!


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