ASBOG is the Association of State Boards of Geology examinations. The exams are held twice a year, once on the third Friday in March, and later in the year on the third Friday in October.


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How to Apply

Before you can take the ASBOG, you must apply for approval. Fill out the application, which is provided by the state board, and mail it to the board, along with the application fee. Then, the board will approve your application for both exams, allowing you to move on to the next stage, which is taking the exams.

If you are denied, then you must reapply for the next time the exam is offered. After approval a Candidate Request Form is authorized and must be signed by the State Board Administrator.

The Candidate Request Form (CRF) is sent back to the applicant for completion. This only occurs in 12 states in the nation. If your Board mails you the signed CRF, then you must fill out the form, provide your signature and mail it back to ASBOG.

Available options to pay the application fee are check, credit card, PayPal, or cashier’s check. Boards that do not send you the CRF will send you a notice with instructions on how to successfully register for the ASBOG exams. Be mindful that examination requirements, filing deadlines, and fees differ in every state. It is your responsibility to contact the State Member Board Examination Administrator for the information that you need, in order to move forward in your process of taking the FG and PG.

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What You Can Expect

The first test, Fundamentals of Geology (FG), consists of 8 parts. Below is a list of these sections and what percentage of the test they cover.

General and Field Geology – 21%

You must know planning and conducting geological investigations with consideration of human health, safety, and welfare, the environment, regulations, professionalism and ethics, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. Also be prepared to compile and organize available information, collect, describe, and record new geological and geophysical data, etc.

Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry – 11%

This section will cover minerals and rocks and their characteristics. You should be able to identify and interpret rock and mineral sequences, associations, and their genesis, etc.

Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Paleontology – 12%

This will cover stratigraphic nomenclature and establishing correlations. Be ready to identify and interpret sedimentary processes and structures, depositional environments, etc.

Geomorhpology, Surficial Processes, and Quaternary Geology – 13%

You will have to identify, classify, and interpret landforms, surficial materials, and processes, etc.

Structure, Tectonics, and Seismology – 11%

You must know how to identify and define structural features and relations, including constructing and interpreting structural projections, etc.

Hydrogeology – 12%

You will define and characterize hydraulic properties of saturated and vadose zones, etc.

Engineering Geology – 11%

You will have to identify and evaluate engineering and physical properties of earth materials, etc.

Economic and Resources Geology – 9%

You must compile and interpret the data necessary to explore for mineral and energy resources, etc.

The second test, Practice of Geology or the PG, consists of the same 8 parts, but the percentage differs.

  • General and Field Geology – 20%
  • Mineralogy, Petrology, and Geochemistry – 5%
  • Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Paleontology – 6%
  • Geomorhpology, Surficial Processes, and Quaternary Geology – 8%
  • Structure, Tectonics, and Seismology – 8%
  • Hydrogeology – 19%
  • Engineering Geology – 19%
  • Economic and Resources Geology – 15%

In order to do well on your exams, you must be well-equipped with the subject matter in each section and be well-prepared.

How to Prepare

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ASBOG Study Guide

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