African Kingdoms: Kush and Aksum

From 2,000 B.C. to 350 A.D. Kush was one of Africa’s most powerful kingdoms. They were wealthy due to their mineral resources and due to their location making them a crossroads for many trading routes. Kush was eventually weakened by the Assyrians and the Romans and was eliminated in 350 A.D. by Aksum. Aksum was the capital city of another powerful kingdom. The kings of Aksum were said to have descended from Menelik, who was one of King Solomon of Israel’s sons. Aksum controlled almost all trade on the Red Sea, and made a vast amount of wealth trading ivory. During the fourth century, Aksum became Christianized and remains a hub for Ethiopian Christians today. Aksum was eventually taken over by Persians and Arabs.

African Kingdoms: Kush and Aksum

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