African Kingdoms: Ghana and Mali

In the 7th century, the Ghana Empire became a major trading power. Understand, the Ghana Empire and modern-day Ghana are two different things. In fact, the Ghana Empire never included the land in which modern-day Ghana has made it’s borders around. The Ghana became a trading power due to its natural resources. They would trade gold, salt, and ivory for manufactured goods, since the people of the Ghana Empire could not manufacture themselves. The Ghana Empire was also known for its education. Due to the success both economically and educationally, the Ghana Empire was able to enjoy stability until its capital, Kumbi, was taken over in 1076. This started the absorption of the Ghana Empire by the Mali Empire. The Mali Empire grew from the Ghana Empire and became the largest nation in west Africa. It was at its highest point under the reign of Mansa Musa, who was a devout Muslim and spread his beliefs among the nation. The Mali Empire was able to culturally influence most of West Africa, ultimately spreading language, laws, and customs to many places along the Niger River.

African Kingdoms: Ghana and Mali

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