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The AFOQT (Air Force Officer Qualifying Test) is aimed specifically at individuals seeking entry into the United States Air Force. The Air Force has designated the AFOQT as a required step for incoming officers to prove they have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfill their duties properly. No potential recruit can become an Air Force officer without first taking and passing this exam. After doing so, the recruit can be selected to undergo initial training procedures.

AFOQT Test Overview

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How will the AFOQT be formatted?

The AFOQT exam is composed entirely of 550 multiple-choice questions. The exam lasts about five hours including breaks, with three hours and 36 minutes to answer questions. Each section of the exam is timed, and the time limit for each section varies. There AFOQT features 12 subtests in all. Each subtest caters to one of the skills an entry-level Air Force officer will need to utilize throughout their training as well as within the professional environment. The AFOQT’s subtests are:

  • Self-Description Inventory (45 minutes, 220 questions) gauges the test-taker’s personality. Questions on this subtest are not graded.
  • Verbal Analogies (8 minutes, 25 questions) is meant to evaluate the test-taker’s skills with English, and how words can be used to establish assertions or illustrate certain principles (such as time or comparisons).
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (29 minutes, 25 questions) tests your ability to solve word problems. Test-takers will have to rely on their knowledge of geometry, proportions, ratios, mixtures, integers, percentages, and time-distance.
  • Word Knowledge (5 minutes, 25 questions) will focus on the test taker’s capability to define and understand the words used within written language. Questions featured on the subtest will generally offer a word, then ask test-takers to find a synonymous word within the answer choices.
  • Math Knowledge (22 minutes, 25 questions) centers on the basics of mathematics, including algebra, geometry, and arithmetic. To solve the questions contained on this subtest, test-takers must answer algebra-based word problems, as well as comprehend inequalities, algebraic expressions, equations systems, absolute values, and exponents.
  • Reading Comprehension (38 minutes, 25 questions) measures your ability to read a passage and understand its meaning, including the implied meaning.
  • Situational Judgment (35 minutes, 50 questions) measures your ability to respond to interpersonal issues and serve as a leader.
  • Physical Science (10 minutes, 20 questions) tests your knowledge of high-school-level physical science concepts. You can expect to see questions relating to force relationships, physical laws, and simple machines.
  • Aviation Information (8 minutes, 20 questions) concentrates on one’s comprehension of flight mechanics and aviation concepts. Test-takers must demonstrate their knowledge of rotary aircraft, the attributes of rudimentary aviation, aircraft with fixed wings, the security regulations enforced by modern US airports, and flight physics.
  • Instrument Comprehension (8 minutes, 25 questions) deals with the test-taker’s comprehension of how to calculate where an airplane is in the sky through the use of altitude indicators and magnetic compasses.
  • Table Reading (7 minutes, 40 questions) evaluates how well a test-taker can interpret a simple \(x\)–\(y\)-axis graph.
  • Block Counting (4.5 minutes, 30 questions) addresses how well the test-taker understands the concept of spatial awareness. Questions under this category will present the test-taker with a group of blocks (rendered in 3D) and request that the test-taker count the number of blocks surrounding one individual block.

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What is a good AFOQT Score?

While there are 12 subtests, test-takers can expect to only receive five total scores for the full AFOQT exam. This is because each subtest will be grouped into five specific categories. Instead of a numeric score, test-takers will be informed of where they fall within a percentile, which ranges between 0 and 99. The AFOQT score categories (and the subtests that fall under each category) include:

  • Quantitative (Math Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning)
  • Pilot (Aviation Information, Table Reading, Instrument Comprehension, Math Knowledge)
  • Verbal (Word Knowledge, Verbal Analogies, Reading Comprehension)
  • Combat Systems Officer (Word Knowledge, Math Knowledge, Table Reading, Block Counting)
  • Air Battle Manager (Verbal Analogies, Math Knowledge, Table Reading, Instrument Comprehension, Block Counting, Aviation Information)

The minimum percentile test takers must earn depends on the type of career they want to attain while serving as an Air Force officer. Those who want to become a pilot, combat systems officer (CSO), or air battle manager (ABM) must earn a combined score of at least 50 points. Here are the required score breakdowns for each role:


  • Verbal: 15
  • Quantitative: 10
  • Pilot: 25
  • CSO: 10
  • ABM: N/A

Combat System Officer:

  • Verbal: 15
  • Quantitative: 10
  • Pilot: 10
  • CSO: 25
  • ABM: N/A

Air Battle Manager:

  • Verbal: 15
  • Quantitative: 10
  • Pilot: N/A
  • CSO: N/A
  • ABM: 25

General Commissioning:

  • Verbal: 15
  • Quantitative: 10
  • Pilot: N/A
  • CSO: N/A
  • ABM: N/A

Scores do not represent an actual numeric value but instead signify how well a test taker performed in relation to others who have taken the exam. A score of 50 represents the exact middle of the percentile, and is considered to be the “average.” One’s scores will remain valid for the remainder of the test-taker’s lifetime. Applicants may re-apply to take the exam, but only after a minimum of 180 days has passed from the first test date.

How can someone register to take the AFOQT?

Anyone interested in sitting for the AFOQT must first reach out directly to a recruiter, who will look into the potential test-taker’s background to check for eligibility. Once the test taker is verified, they can work out a date for the exam with the recruiter. The test is free of charge, but test-takers will only receive two opportunities total to sit for the exam.

In order to register for the AFOQT, applicants must also have a good financial history, possess no criminal record, be between ages 18 to 34, have obtained their Bachelor’s degree at minimum, and be a citizen of the United States.

How can test-takers study for the AFOQT?

Studying for the AFOQT is the best way to ensure success on the exam. Anyone in need of resources to prepare for the exam can turn to Mometrix Test Preparation to find the tools they need. Mometrix has composed two study tools for AFOQT test-takers to refer to: an AFOQT study guide and an AFOQT practice test. Both the study guide and practice test are designed to help applicants learn more about the exam. The study guide offers step-by-step guidance on how to approach studying for the exam and how to solve the types of questions featured on the test. The practice test provides direct examples of the material featured on the exam so that applicants can gain a better idea of its contents.

What is covered on the AFOQT test?

The AFOQT is a standardized test similar to the SAT or ACT that will measure your aptitudes in different areas. The test is divided into twelve subject areas containing 550 questions. The tested subjects include verbal analogies, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, math knowledge, reading comprehension, situational judgment, instrument comprehension, block counting, table reading, physical science, and a self-description inventory.

How many times can I take the AFOQT?

The Air Force limits your testing attempts to two. If you do take the test a second time, your second results will take the place of your first attempt, even if your first attempt scored better. You won’t be able to attempt the test a second time until at least 180 days have passed. Under very rare circumstances, a waiver can be issued to allow extra attempts.

How do you study for the AFOQT?

Make sure to allow yourself an ample amount of time to prepare for this test; the earlier you begin to study, the better. One of the best ways you can prepare for this test is to study and understand the test format. It is recommended to get an AFOQT test prep study guide book to help you review and study the material for the test. These books will also provide you with practice tests to help you become familiar with the test and its format.

How early should I begin to study for the AFOQT?

Just like any test, you will feel more prepared the earlier you begin studying. It is very important to spend three or more months studying for this test because, in most cases, you are only allowed a maximum of two attempts. It is recommended to spend time daily over those three or more months studying and preparing yourself for this test.

What should I expect when I go in to take the AFOQT?

When you show up to take your test, be prepared to be in the testing facility for approximately around five hours. Every question is written in multiple-choice format with four or five answer choices. There is no penalty for choosing the incorrect answer. The test is divided into twelve subjects with varying amounts of questions in each. Each section of the test is timed, so it is best to be prepared and to work quickly.

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