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Almost everyone out there has either heard of or taken the PreSAT at some point in their high school career. However, did you know there’s an equivalent pretest for the ACT? The PreACT gives 10th-graders a unique opportunity to practice taking the ACT.

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Why Take the PreACT?

What are the advantages of taking the PreACT exam? For starters, it can allow you to get to know the real ACT! Just like the ACT is meant to evaluate how well you’ll be able to handle college-level curriculum, the PreACT gauges your readiness to take and pass the actual ACT exam. As a result, you will generally take this exam earlier on in high school than you do the ACT. Specifically, if you’re in 10th grade, you’re more likely to have to take the PreACT in the near future.

What’s on the PreACT?

The PreACT test is split into four sections, and you will be given about 2 hours to complete the test.

The questions are split into four sections:

  • English: 45 questions
  • Math: 36 questions
  • Reading: 25 questions
  • Science: 30 questions

How the PreACT is scored

When you receive your score report, you will see six different scores listed:

  1. Composite score: This is the average score for all sections of the test.
  2. Math subscore: This is the score for the Math section.
  3. Science subscore: This is the score for the Science section.
  4. STEM score: This is the average score for the Science and Math sections combined.
  5. English subscore: This is the score for the English section.
  6. Reading subscore: This is the score for the Reading section.

Every score and subscore on your score report will be within the range of 1-35.

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What is a good PreACT score?


There is no set passing score for the PreACT, but a score of at least 21 is recommended.


How long is the PreACT?


The PreACT is timed at 130 minutes (just over two hours).


How many questions are on the PreACT?


There are 136 multiple-choice questions on the PreACT.

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