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Upgrade your studying with our ACT study guide and flashcards:
  1. Bar Graph
  2. Drawing Conclusions from Graphic Organizers
  3. Fact, Conclusion, Cause and Effect, Model and Scientific Law
  4. Hypothesis and Null Hypothesis
  5. Line Graph
  6. Pie Chart
  7. Tables
  8. Terminology for Tables and Graphs
  9. Understanding Charts and Tables

Research Summaries

  1. Analysis of Results and Assessment of Flaws
  2. Experimental Science Object
  3. Identification of Experimental Problem and Design
  4. Identifying Controls in a Research Summary
  5. Identifying Variables
  6. Looking for Changes
  7. Making Summaries
  8. Observations
  9. Science Process Skills
  10. Variables in an Experiment
  11. Percent Yield

Conflicting Viewpoints

  1. Basic Problem and Disagreement
  2. Identifying Units and Trends in a Chart
  3. Opposing Arguments and Supporting Evidence

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