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ACT Reading Practice Test

Upgrade your studying with our ACT study guide and flashcards:
  1. Conclusions That Are Stated Directly
  2. Denotative and Connotative Meanings
  3. Inductive and Deductive Reasoning
  4. Plotline
  5. Historical Context
  6. Context
  7. Persuasive Text and Bias
  8. Supporting Details
  9. Text Evidence
  10. Textual Evidence for Prediction
  11. Textual Support for Interpretations
  12. Topics and Main Ideas
  13. When There’s No Keyword
  14. Theme

Skills in Reasoning

  1. Identifying a Logical Conclusion
  2. Interpretation of Expository or Literary Text
  3. Inference
  4. Predictions
  5. Purpose of the Author
  6. Determining Word Meanings
  7. Multiple Meaning Words
  8. Point of View
  9. Cause and Effect
  10. Rhetorical Strategy of Cause and Effect Analysis
  11. Different Perspectives from Different Authors
  12. Author’s Position

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