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ACCUPLACER Test Study Guide Customer Success Stories

Our customers love the tutorial videos from Mometrix Academy that we have incorporated into our ACCUPLACER study guide. The ACCUPLACER Exam Secrets Study Guide reviews below are examples of customer experiences.

When I was looking online I found your book with really great reviews on it. So many people found it very helpful to there success of the Accuplacer test and I hope I will too. In recent years I have been struggling with math and I hope that your book will help me to strengthen my math skills.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Karina K.

I purchased this study guide because I have been out of school 11 years and I have decide to go back. I didn’t want to go in blind sided to the placement test so I found out that the new placement test is called Accuplacer. So I have searched and searched for the best study guide and I finally found what I was looking for. This study guide not only tells you what’s on the test but it gives you a table of contents, the meaning of words, examples to go by, websites to look up, and even practice tests! even bonus tests!! All this is in one small easy to handle, easy to read book. Oh and lets not forget the parts of the study guide which gives you examples on how to prepare for the test what to expect and how to stay relax and not over do it. In my opinion this is a great study guide I would tell anyone looking for good guidance to check it out. it was worth every penny and the days I waited for it to come in the mail.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Customer

The product rating skill… I would give it a 5/5. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Received this study guide and I personally feel, after reviewing some of the content, that it will take me to the next level. The way is broken down to the point that it is easy to understand. I am currently considering re-pursuing my college degree that I’ve put off for quite sometime

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – M. Williams

I really like that it explains what something is, then has classroom videos to watch. They are easy to get to and simple enough to understand.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Jo Manuel

I purchased the accuplacer study guide and would give it 5 starts so far. I have read good reviews on the book and hope that it will help me like many others. As a mom of 3 going to college seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. I now have the opportunity to go and want to start on the right path and score well on the accuplacer.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Customer

I love this product it breaks down the info on whats exactly on test. It gives examples. And show videos. Also it has a example test just how the accuplacer is set up. Thank u so much now i am very confident. And yes i would love the highlighter i love to highlight when studying it makes studying better.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Miller

This is a 5 on my scale. I love the fact there are videos with each section and it gives you the chance to really understand the information and gives great test taking tips at the same time. It was very easy to guide myself through this book. I am going back to school after years of being out and this book has helped by far the most out of anything I’ve used!

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Brianna

Great for anyone studying for the accuplacer test. I have been out of school for 4 years and decided to go to school and found this to help me out. This book breaks everything down and comes with videos to help you understand every section. Highly recommend to everyone going to take the accuplacer test!!

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Randi

I am very satisfied with this book. I was really helped by the book. I graduated high school from overseas, so the book really help me to learn the mathematical vocabulary in English. The video also give a very useful additional information which is not presented in the book by giving an example or further explanation. The reading and writing tips are also helpful to increase my skill. I also really satisfied because there are practice test with answer key complete with the explanation. It helps me to understand and being familiar to the Accuplacer test.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Kartono

I purchased the ACCUPLACER Secrets Study Guide to prepare myself to pass classes I had taken years ago. My goal is to save money and time retaking classes which were no longer accepted. I have had the opportunity to scan through the study aid and although a little intimidating, all the topics looked to be covered with plenty of preparation and practice material.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Pollard

I got my book yesterday and so far I am loving the Accuplacer Secrets Study Guide! I have been out of school for many years and math was always hard to me. The material has been very helpful because it starts from the basic math principles and now I can remember how to do simple operations and brush off on my skills. The videos are very helpful as well! I want to get a great score on the Accuplacer and I can just tell that this book will help me a lot!

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Silva

My daughter took the Accuplacer Elementary Algebra test today and scored 88. She studied it for about a month, 3-4 days per week for about an hour each time. Yesterday she practiced all day in anticipation of the test. I told her to do her best and said a lil prayer. Math is a weakness for us both but I’m glad this book exists. She stated she didn’t always know the answers during the test but the book helped her with working on the STEPS that lead to finding the answer then used her best guess. She’s been out of school two years and I personally think the book warmed her up to studying and working on math again. I would definitely recommend buying this book. I suppose I’ll be selling my copy now. Good luck.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – MacMy

I’ve had this book for a while now, and I can say that I am 100% completely satisfied. The way it guides you around a tough problem with many different methods is really well done and I can fully comprehend the material.It has a lot of math aid and I am one of those people who looks at a math problem and thinks “I thought this was history class.” With this study guide I can finally have a clue on what’s going on mathematically. I recommend this to anyone who has major or minor mathematical struggle, and to anyone in need of any Reading Comprehensive help. Thank you Accuplacer for helping me to achieve a score that I couldn’t have gotten without your help.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Mellisa

I feel the “ACCUPLACER Exam Secrets from Mofmetrix” helped me think clearer during my recent test and helped me eliminate the wrong answers faster. I also feel I was able to determine what the meaning was behind statements and detect the “tricky” wording that is often used on tests, which helped me to answer questions more efficiently and more accurately. This helped me score a higher grade overall. One of the best things is that these skills will be valuable to me for all my future tests!

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Johnson

This is a good study guide for anyone who will be taking the Accuplacer test before starting college. It covers the three main topics on the exam, which are 1) basic math and algebra, 2) some entry level college advanced math, and 3) reading comprehension. It’s well organized, and easy to follow. It builds on basic concepts before moving to the harder topics. Here’s some of the math stuff you’ll learn : equations, graphing, trigonometry, quadratic equations, polynomial algebra, factors, etc.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Richard

So far after shortly receiving the product, I am more than happy. The shipping was super fast 2 day priority. The book itself isn’t too big or long. After quickly skimming through the pages. It appears to briefly go over each category in the test it also provided links to online videos. Some Authors provide painful study guides that focus on more that is needed. This book gives you the information you need to get your highest score possible on the test. Of course you’ll need to study, but that’s a given.

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Greengrower

“I ordered your study guide, and I finally pass my exam after studying it for a week. It also help me at my job and I am hoping to pass the test at my job to get a promotion. Thank you, I am very satisfy and I would recommend this product to anyone.”

ACCUPLACER Study Guide – Laura T.

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