Who is Aaron Burr?

Aaron Burr was a candidate in the 1800 presidential election. He lost to Jefferson and was not allowed to participate in the 1804 election and became bitter toward the United States. Later he attempted to become governor of New York but, due to the mudslinging of Alexander Hamilton, lost that as well. Due to these repeated losses, Burr started considering the formation of a new country in the lands west of the U.S. Hamilton heard of these plans and informed Jefferson. As a result of these actions, Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel in 1806. Burr succeeded in killing Hamilton, and headed west and started to formulate a plan to create a new country in Louisiana and other areas controlled by Spain. Jefferson charged Burr with treason, but did not attend the trial. Burr was found not guilty due to lack of reliable witnesses and because of the fact that Burr had thus far only planned to start a new country, and had yet to actually implement any of his plans.


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