Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

There is a longstanding tradition of employing the premier experts in any particular field of study as university professors. Their expertise serves to guide the following generations of students in their similar pursuit of knowledge; while their post affords the opportunities needed to engage in cutting edge research. It benefits society as a whole to have students learn under the guidance of experts who hold lofty ideals regarding the universal right to the homogenous spread of information, as doing so may shape them into more idealistic individuals themselves. In order to build a brighter future for humanity, such mentalities are of paramount import and to lack them would spell for intellectual and sociological stagnation. This is my ultimate goal: to serve in academia as a researcher and physics professor, specifically focused in the field of general relativity (GR) and extensions of this theory – to provide original contributions to my peers while spreading the knowledge garnered by the giants that have blazed the path before us to new students in hopes that some of them may, in turn, produce valuable work of their own. I hold this vision for a multitude of reasons - from the belief that it is how I may best serve the common good of humanity, my drive to continually learn and grow through interaction with those whom I hold in the highest regard, and due to my inescapable fascination in these scientific matters.

Logan from Virginia
Lehigh University