Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Although I never knew exactly what career I would partake in, I did know that it had to be a field related to Statistics and the collection and analyzation of data. With this in mind, I decided to invest my time into Quantitative Economics and pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in this field. Although the major required intellect in an array of subjects such as Math, Finance, and some Computer Science, my undergraduate major was heavily reliant on Statistics and Economics. As courses became more challenging and demanding, my intrigue in quantitative methods and research also grew.
During my undergraduate degree, I completed a quantitative thesis through my Honors Seminar course that consists of my own original research in order to understand the impact that international conflict has on trade. My research was inspired by the Trade War between the United States and China and demonstrates my abilities to translate data into information that is more functional when strategically devising a new policy. Using 2.08 million entries and my proficiency with R and knowledge of C++, I was able to statistically quantify the impact on trade in the presence of (military) conflict. At the end of the semester my Honors Seminar Professor suggested that my research has the ability to get published in a student Economics Journal. Upon his suggestion, I initiated this process post-graduation and am currently in the process of refining and publishing my research. As I spent my gap year refining my thesis, I realized that my love for Statistics and research especially when related to Finance or Politics is not just an interest but a passion.
As a first generation college student, I knew I accomplished a lot and exceeded my parents expectations by obtaining a Bachelors degree. I also personally knew that this wasn’t the end of my educational career and that I had expectations of my own that I wanted to exceed in which one of my expectations is graduate school

Sabah from New York