Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Although it’s my dream to become a pharmacist, it’s also a dream I share with my family. We came from a foreign country to establish a better life here with more opportunities than our home country. My family sacrificed and gave up a lot for me to achieve my goals and for that, I am more than grateful for this chance of pharmacy school completion. Furthermore, I cannot wait to add on to the knowledge that I have obtained from these courses through pharmacy experience. I can honestly say that I am determined bring forth my best while also being able to become better. I am also confident that I come out as a great, patient-centered and informed pharmacist. Each day my determination to accomplish my professional goal is strengthened and my need to know more about medicine grows, knowing that one day I will be able to apply this knowledge to real life situations that will positively impact someone’s life.
My long-term professional goal as a pharmacist is to be a patient advocate, focusing on patient care and progression. I truly believe the role of a pharmacist in the community is to be a patient advocate, friend and educator. My efforts to achieve this goal started when I began studying and researching new techniques on how to utilize a variety of medications to maximize the benefits of the drug regimen for patients with minimum unpleasant side effects. I took a training course and became certified in Medication Therapy Management which increased my interest in patient care. I have been able to perform drug utilization reviews, counsel, and build relationships that has gained the trust of the patients. Ideally, I would love to practice in a patient-centered community setting so that I could provide patient-centered care that is specific to each patient and their medical needs. With that being said, II am certain that this intense passion will aid me in becoming successful in achieving my goal of becoming a well-rounded pharmacist.

Mariam from Texas
Texas Southern University