Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

As a third-year pharmacy student at Texas Southern University with five years of retail pharmacy experience, I am very humbled to have chosen this career path. I currently work as a Walgreens Pharmacist-Intern at an offsite location, while also having the pleasure of working at different Walgreens pharmacies throughout the community. Overall, my responsibilities as an intern surround the core idea of patient safety, education, and satisfaction. On a daily basis, I verify legitimacy of prescriptions and assess the medications being dispensed are therapeutically safe, effective, and age appropriate before reaching patients in a timely manner. I then demonstrate correct use of hands-on medications, counsel patients on clinical pearls, and the importance of adherence by focusing on lifestyle changes while keeping long-term goals and achievements in sight. Working at different locations allows for engagement with team members by communicating innovative ideas that are time efficient and effective. More importantly, it fulfills the role as a life-long learner through continuous development from other health-care advocates.
My long-term professional goal as a pharmacist is to be a patient advocate, focusing on patient care and progression. I truly believe the role of a pharmacist in the community is to be a patient advocate, friend and educator. My efforts to achieve this goal started when I began studying and researching new techniques on how to utilize a variety of medications to maximize the benefits of the drug regimen for patients with minimum unpleasant side effects. I took a training course and became certified in Medication Therapy Management which increased my interest in patient care. I have been able to perform drug utilization reviews, counsel, and build relationships that has gained the trust of the patients. Ideally, I would love to practice in a patient-centered community setting so that I could provide patient-centered care that is specific to each patient

Mariam from Texas
Texas Southern University