Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Throughout my life, I have always had a passion to work with children. As I grew older, that bloomed into a desire to work with children and individuals with disabilities and special needs. When I originally learned about the child life field, I knew it was what God has planned for me. As my studies grew deeper, I developed a love, far greater than I could have ever imagined, for this field and for working with children in special situations. This is why I want to become a Certified Child Life Specialist by learning more and gaining as much experience as I can.
The graduate program that I applied to fully incorporates the interest that I have for learning and investing in the special needs population. By adding a child life concentration, this program captures even more of my heart and passion for working with these amazing individuals.
My professional goal is to become a Certified Child Life Specialist with hopes to broaden the scope of child life for special needs individuals who are in the hospital or medical settings and those who are not considered children anymore.
I am a student that strives to excel in my studies and learn as much as I can. I am confident that my journey through graduate school will take me to a new level of understanding developmental disabilities and the child life field.
My goal in life is to be a specialist that helps special needs individuals and children who are in the medical setting throughout their life. I believe that the Developmental Disabilities Master’s program with a concentration in Child Life will help me achieve my goal. This program will give me the knowledge and educational experience in order for me to provide the best care to those that I am privileged to provide assistance and guidance. This Master’s program is one more step in my Child Life educational journey and will prepare me for when I begin my professional career.

Alyssa from Mississippi
Nova Southeastern University