Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I have always had an interest in design and every medium of creating art has captivated me since I was a small child. It was inevitable I would have a future in design. Although my real “ah-hah!” moment when I realized I wanted to pursue a career in architecture, was at 12 years old when I played the computer game Sims. Rather than making virtual people and managing their lives, as the game intended, I designed hundreds of houses, each unique to the family. My love for design and architecture have only grown since.
Today, my long-term aim is to pursue a career in architecture as a licensed architect. I have a desire to explore how technology can be used to improve the performance of buildings both culturally and environmentally. Having an accredited degree in architecture is one of the pillars of becoming a licensed architect. I earned a four-year degree in architectural studies, which was unaccredited, so I will need to earn my master’s degree in architecture to become a licensed practicing architect.
With my master’s in architecture, I’ll gain a true understanding of how thoughtful and intentional design improves our everyday lives. I’ll be in a challenging, rigorous, and collaborative environment, giving me the experiences I need to prepare me for my work as an architect. I will learn how to design meaningful spaces and to help my community though my passion for design. Stagnation is not an option after earning my master’s degree in architecture. I’ll be better prepared to take on a wider range of projects – or I can choose to focus on something more specific, like place-based architecture projects. Graduate school will set me up for a lifetime of on-the-job learning.
One day I hope to have my own architectural firm, where I will have the freedom to design what I love and build significant and complex structures that can resonate with my community. A master’s in architecture degree is essential to reaching such a level of professional and creative freedom.

Kaci from Florida
University of Florida