Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

An experience I have been through that led me to consider chiropractic as a career was during my undergrad in college, I was part of a dance club. Partway through the season, I noticed my feet were always hurting; almost to the point where I thought I had a stress fracture. I went to go see a chiropractor see if he could help with the pain. He discovered that my arches were in the stages of collapsing. He was able to help me fix this problem before it got worse and I was able to continue to dance. This experience led me to want to specialize in athletes who need a chiropractic career. Another field that I would like to specialize in chiropractic care is through pediatrics. In my undergrad, I took a psychology class. This class focused a lot on neurological problems. I have met a lot of children in my past who have suffered from epilepsy. I would like to discover if chiropractic work can help maintain epileptic seizures. The last thing I would like to focus on in my career is chiropractic work for animals. During the summer of 2018, I interned with an animal chiropractor. I saw firsthand how chiropractic care can benefit animals, just as much as it benefits humans. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of scientific studies that prove this. I would like to perform more studies to show how it can benefit animals who need it. Getting more information out there can help animals and humans are what drives me to want to go back to school.

Erin from Minnesota
First-Year graduate