Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am very interested in the pursuit of a graduate degree in the Business Administration program at California Southern University. I am currently working as a Finance Professional for a regulated monopoly that operates in the utility industry and renewable energy services. In my current role I perform essential duties that span across several business functions such as accounting, finance, audit and operations on a daily basis. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science degree from St. John’s University. However, in order to help transition our nation to emphasize the need for a “green” earth or to become environmentally friendly. I believe that I would need to expand my business knowledge across various industries such as renewable energy through scholarly research as a critical component of the graduate degree requirement hence the motivation and pursuit of educational advancement for the ultimate goal of adding critical and much-needed value to our nation.
Through my previous educational background and professional accomplishments, I was able to obtain my current level of business knowledge by undergoing extensive learning and development. As time progressed in my professional career I have realized that there is no end to intellect, therefore I began to explore various areas of businesses in order to help sustain mother earth and to preserve our environment as a strong proponent of corporate social responsibility. My intuition has urged me to chase and to follow a dream by completing a research-based graduate degree in order to both enhance and progress myself as a part of my personal, professional development plan and more importantly to overcome current environmental challenges and needs resulting from human consumption patterns of fossil fuels that are raising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. With the knowledge from graduate studies I will be able to raise effective solutions to the executive management committee that I support in decision-making to promote sustainable energy uses.
As I have transitioned and gained higher level of responsibilities in my career through promotions and lateral role changes I have faced difficult challenges that require extensive research capabilities. I strongly believe that by pursuing a graduate degree that I will be able to more effectively address the challenges of our nation and world today and gain the knowledge and capabilities to resiliently overcome the operational, global business challenges of the near-future.
In particular, I am very interested in the curriculum offering of the graduate program since it offers five mandatory graduate-level projects that serves as the program’s dissertation and enhances critical thinking, complex research skills and unlocks strong leadership engagement and decision-making. I strongly believe that the graduate program will enrich my current skillset and abilities and lead me towards a successful life-changing path where I am able to make an large impact in the world by applying newly acquired graduate-level knowledge and research insights proactively on the professional field and in real-world scenarios in order to apply the information on a daily basis amongst peer functional groups within the organization.
It would be a great opportunity for me to be a candidate of the scholarship program currently being offered by the gracious organization. I have retained seven years of professional experiences that will enable me to foster further value to my surroundings. And I also hold a proven track record of success and dedication towards corporate social responsibility development. I look forward to becoming a recipient of the scholarship award and strive to accomplish my ambitions and to engrave a lasting impact of positive change for the generations to come.

Parvez from New York
California Southern University