Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I recognize the power of words: they can heal, harm, and influence. Being a voice for others is the driving factor in my decision to pursue a graduate degree in Communication.
This desire initially led me to a career in television news. I loved telling stories as a news producer. Some of the stories were happy, some were sad, and a few even had someone I knew in them. The last story I wrote at my first new station involved my then-12-year-old cousin, who had been mauled by his uncle’s three pit bulls. The story was a plea for his uncle—who went into hiding—to turn himself in and give information about his dogs.
I enjoyed my time working in journalism, but I wanted something else. I went through a long, stressful transition that led me to my current social media position at Pittsburgh’s most prominent car dealership. For the last four years, I’ve used writing to work with non-profits, tell stories of customers & the people we’ve helped and the people who work here.
My proudest moment working here has been being a voice for my female colleagues. The automotive industry is overwhelmingly male. Where I work is no different. I decided to show everyone that women at our dealerships make incredible contributions. During Women’s History Month last year, I created a blog series called “She Drives Cochran.” to highlight the accomplishments of the women who work there.
My series led to the Human Resources department creating a gender diversity panel and even hosting an even at a woman’s shelter at the end of the year. This year, we sponsored an event for young women in the trades, and one of our female service managers spoke there. I loved seeing the responses from everyone.
I want to start a communication firm. There, I can continue to be a voice for others. I can also help businesses do the same. I want to help them avoid some of the high-profile blunders that have put businesses in the headlines and create better communication between businesses & consumers.

kevin from Pennsylvania
Chatham University