Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Hi my name is Connor Overby. I work full time for Comfort Care Hospice as an RN case manager/On Call Nurse. I am married to my beautiful wife Baelie and we have two amazing children Kendall and Brooks. Both my wife and myself were working full time until the coronavirus hit and my wife was subsequently laid off of work. Like many Americans right now times are hard and many people need Financial assistance. I am a graduate student that is working towards obtaining a Masters in Psychiatric (Family) Nurse Practitioner. This will allow me to work with soldiers suffering from PTSD and other emotional difficulties making it difficult to integrate back into their everyday life after serving our country. This money would go toward a hard working American family and a front line registered nurse facing one of the greatest medical challenges of our time. If I was selected, this scholarship would reduce the burden of student loan debt on a family in great financial need. I can say as a Husband and Father of two children and 3 rescue dogs the pressure of providing for all of your family's financial needs adds a great deal of stress to a family. During this hard time I will be working full time to provide for my family as well as being a full time student to better myself and to be able to help those in need in my community. I can assure you that if you select me and my family to receive this scholarship your financial assistance will go toward a determined husband and father that will not let his family down and will no let you down in the pursuit of obtaining his masters degree in Psychiatric (Family) Nurse Practitioner and will go on to improve as many peoples lives in a positive manner as possible. I shared this with you to tell you a little bit about myself and my family because they are the engine that drives me everyday. I don't sleep a lot these days because of the little ones but I wouldn't trade them for the world. My family is what inspires me to become a better man.

Connor from Alabama
University of South Alabama