Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I ultimately made the decision to attend graduate school because in the social work profession, I desire to gain a more profound understanding of how to fully utilize and connect the social work core competencies to applicable practice in the field. Learning how to link assessment to intervention and then evaluating the effectiveness of intervention efforts is an area that I will continue to practice and improve. My undergraduate degree revolved around learning the historical foundation and components of social work, theoretical frameworks and models, and the beginning elements of practical fieldwork. I will graduate as an informed, capable social worker, but I do not yet believe I am fully equipped to be an excellent, skilled social worker. Pursuing a more developed level of education will help me to expand the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my undergraduate career and dive deeper into the facets of social work that can be learned through rigorous coursework and field experience. A graduate education has the potential to provide extensive opportunities in macro-level social work that may not be available with a bachelor’s degree.

In my professional field, I intend to attain the most advanced and comprehensive education possible. I aspire to be surrounded by passionate, diverse, innovative social work students, professors, and faculty who are as committed to a progressive and eclectic education as I am. Attending graduate school is not a “safe” choice – it is a powerful, extraordinary decision that will set the foundation for my journey as a social worker. I welcome both the triumphs and missteps that I will encounter during my time in a graduate program because I am confident that my values, beliefs, and life-long aspiration to work alongside those who are most in need translate beautifully to those of a social worker.

Briana from Texas
University of Texas