Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Growing up, I have always had to fight for what I believed in. At a very young age, I was instilled with a value of hard work and how it is important to succeed. In the generation I live in, education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. That is why I decided to go to law school, to equip myself with the tools to make that difference or change. When I graduate from law school, I want to give back to the Western New York community. I see corruption not only in the federal legal system, but in our local governments and I want to help it progress. And it is through engaging within our local communities and utilizing grassroot efforts, that this progression can be implemented.

Striving for excellence is a must for me, never letting anything hold me back from what life has in store for me. I want to show the world what I am made of and share the knowledge that I learned throughout my life, with future generations. I have never let my shortcomings affect my ability to be the very best that I am capable of being. I have encountered various instances where I have been discriminated or judged simply because-I am black, but I have never let hate nor ignorance affect my potential and the love that I have for everyone.

Being one of the first in my family to go to college straight out of high school was not easy, because I didn’t have the necessary guidance to navigate through the process, but I did have mentors who helped me where I lacked. Watching my family, disenfranchised, and other underrepresented groups overcome, and endure hardships has been my motivation to act as an agent of change or public servant and pursue a career in law.

Paying for law school is something that is a big concern for me right now, and receiving this prestigious scholarship, will help in aiding me further my education and achieving my goals to impact change.

Dwight from New York
University at Buffalo School of Law