Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am a very determined person once I decide on a path; the goal I seek will get completed as quickly and effectively as I possibly can. I have great organizational skills, am very hardworking, and I love to learn new things especially when they are challenging. My career choice is very important to me because I love what I do. Going for this degree will not only enhance my abilities for my current position but also allow me to grow my career further than thought possible when I started on this road seven years ago because this was not the direction I was originally going in for.

When I started my college path I went for a degree in Education because I thought I was going to be a military wife and they always need teachers on base. I graduated college with a 3.5 GPA and a degree in Elementary Education during a time when the field was flooded with applicants. My ex-husband decided the military was not for him. He went back to school and I struggled to find a position in rural Illinois that could keep us financially secure. So ultimately this led to me finding a job in the corporate world instead. I have been with this company for seven years and climb as high as I can go, having little business knowledge and no credentials to further myself here. So, I am going back to school seeking higher education so that I can become better at my current job and be able to keep moving up as a businesswoman.

When I started working for my company I did phone assistance for customers that called in, and I enjoyed my work. But as years went on, I kept taking on new roles because I wanted to be and do more than I currently was. This led me to working in the Account Management Department; this department was created because of work I did on a temporary project that they made permanent for me because I impressed the company with the results I gained. Now I find myself working with people that have business knowledge that I lack, and I feel the difference in our capabilities. Tho

Rebecca from Virginia
Western Governor University