Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I first became interested in nutrition when I hit roadblocks within my own wellness journey. I was confused by the easily accessible, but not necessarily accurate, information I found online and in self-help books. I was gaining weight, fatigued, and not performing optimally in my sport. At this point, I turned to scientifically-verified findings and became enthralled with the data and research amassed by like-minded individuals across the world. As my pursuit of knowledge continued during my undergraduate courses, I discovered the complexity and intricacy of human metabolism. My experience as a student-athlete further founded my belief that food fuels performance and quality of life in all individuals, regardless of activity level. This link between the human body and nutrition wholly fascinates me. Thus, my true passion lies in contributing to the field of dietetics while acquiring the ability to interpret and integrate empirical findings into my practice. I believe everyone holds the potential to lead a healthful, active lifestyle, and I am determined to become a registered dietitian and a master of public health so I can equip others with the knowledge needed to succeed. I know UNC at Chapel Hill's commitment to research, evidence-based training, and continued education will mold me into a professional capable of discerning and utilizing high-quality research, allowing me to become a thought leader in the nutrition community, and I hope Mometrix will be a part of my journey!

Camille from Florida