Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Most people today will really look at their desired career path and realize the best option is to pursue a graduate degree. It ensures greater pay, and more pay in the future. My chosen career field is full of lawyers, master’s degrees, and Ph.Ds. However, this was not the only factor in my decision. Even though it is almost a must in my field. For me, a master’s is about more than a degree, fancy title, and higher wages. It is about gaining more knowledge, applying myself and my goals to a greater calling, and to help our communities grow through research.

I grew up with two educators constantly discussing the importance of education and knowledge. We were constantly reading and learning. I went to college and with graduation looming, it came time to decide what I wanted out of life. A master’s degree enticed me and is a stepping stone to my ultimate goal: a Ph.D. I have found solace and comfort, challenges and tribulations, and my passion within the walls of universities and the books in the library. College showed me my path, and a graduate degree is a part of my future.

The heart of my reasoning lies within one key experience: my time studying and researching in Peru. I loved living with a host family, speaking Spanish, and trying the cuisine, but the most rewarding aspect was the research I conducted during the latter part of my time. I specifically studied government reactions to child malnutrition in the district of Cusco. I spoke with people from all levels of government, nutritionists, and locals. It was at this time I realized how impactful and important research can be. I was allowing people to express their needs in relation to malnutrition and giving them a sense of hope. The main reason I want to pursue a graduate degree is to continue the work I started in the Peruvian Andes. Malnutrition is a growing problem and research is the key. By pursing a master’s, I will continue this research and hopefully bring more people, funding, and awareness with me

Emily from Colorado
University of Denver