Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Through my years of experience in the health field and my educational background in public health, I recognize the great ongoing need for Nurse Practitioners, particularly in the primary care setting. I have spent many years working with patients with chronic conditions—most of who are underinsured— in safety net clinics and health fairs throughout Los Angeles County. Through these experiences I have witnessed how common poor health management, related to limited access to health care is. As a result, patients’ conditions lead to further life threatening complications, many which could be prevented, with the access to proper and consistent care. The role of the Nurse Practitioner honors health care as a human right by helping fill this gap.
Beyond this, as the number of Spanish speaking Latinos in the United States continues to rise, our country lacks a healthcare force with the ability to understand and attend to the particular nguistic and cultural needs of this fast growing population. As a result of this disconnection, we are seeing a staggering increase in preventable chronic conditions especially among this population. I am impassioned to contribute to closing this disparity gap. Following the completion of the FNP program, I aspire to work in a primary care clinic in an underserved community. I believe in making disease prevention and health promotion a priority, and thus I plan to develop culturally sensitive disease prevention interventions that will equip individuals with resources to accessing proper care, promote a culture of health, and ultimately assist in eliminating health disparities. I am committed to giving a voice to and further advancing the health of my community as a future FNP.

Jearelly from California
Azusa Applicant