Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

Sixteen years ago, I sat in MetroHealth Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, waiting to see otolaryngologist, Dr. Joseph B. Carter. My ears had been hurting; I was inconsolable. As I sat in the examination chair, I looked up at a poster of the middle and inner ear, however I did not know that’s what I was looking at just yet. The pink, spirally, snail-like structure was my favorite part of the picture, but what was it? Dr. Carter came in, introduced himself to my mother, and saw my attention on the innerworkings of the ear. He told me all of those “things” were in my ear. I could not believe it! But I had to know, what was the swirly part? I asked what it was, and I he told me it was called the ‘cochlea’ and that it helped us hear. I remember telling him how cool I thought it looked and he agreed. From that day on, he used that poster to explain to me why I was seeing him on a particular day and answering my questions. He even gave me the tubes that once sat in my tympanic membrane, just because I wanted to know what they looked like! I saw Dr. Carter countless times throughout my childhood, as I was plagued with middle ear problems. If it weren’t for him encouraging my curiosity, the spark for my interest in the ear and hearing never would have been lit. I will never forget him for that.

I want to earn my AuD and become an audiologist. I am especially interested in learning about factors that can lead to sensory/neural hearing loss, such as the effects of ototoxic drugs, noise, and natural factors. I am excited to learn about working with children and teens with hearing loss. I can relate to children and young people with hearing issues after my own experiences growing up. I want to be someone children are comfortable with during testing and treatment so I can help them as much as possible. I want to learn more about the cochlear implant, how it works and how to work with patients using them. The field of audiology is exciting due to my own experience!

Margo from Ohio
Kent State University