Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

During my undergraduate degree, I explored different forms of theatrical practice and developed my skills as a theatre practitioner. Though classes challenged me and my work, the most valuable experience I had was participating in a study abroad in London where I was able to see many different forms of theatre. This opened my eyes to the possibilities of my work. I saw productions that challenged the way I saw myself and the world and wanted to create theatre that did the same. It became clear to me that in order to produce the quality of theatre I saw in London, I would need to go to graduate school to gain further experience.

This fall I will be attending Columbia University to earn my MFA in Theatre. This will give me the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by some of my theatrical heroes.Through this I will become prepared to be a theatre practitioner who makes work that resonates with audiences and inspires change. As New York is also very diverse, I hope to gain greater experience in creating work that celebrates culture.

Last year I performed in and workshopped Romeo y Julieta. We took Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and worked collaboratively to create a bilingual, hour-long production that toured to middle and junior high schools throughout Utah. Creating a performance and being able to interact with the audiences as we took it to schools reinforced to me how theatre can touch individuals and communities. I hope to continue to create work that inspires audiences just as other works of theatre have inspired me.

In earning my MFA, I will become a better playwright, adapter, and storyteller. I am eager to grow as a theatre practitioner and believe that graduate school is a crucial step.Therefore, I will make the most of every opportunity I will have. I am ready to expand my knowledge, worldview, creativity, and to work hard to achieve this. Graduate school will prepare me to use theatrical principles to inspire others and unify cultures in the future.

Amelia from Utah
Columbia University