Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I've always had a passion of practical learning. My first research at 5 years of age was to understand the concept of a match. Although I was in awe of the fire created from what seemed to be an inert match, I was more interested in the 'why' it happened. It was my inquisitive nature that guided me through my undergraduate thesis which was to find the link between the leaves of the Bixa Orellana and hypoglycemia.
I pursued a graduate degree in order to continue with research in the health field. The reason behind any phenomenon is worth investigating, exploring and sharing. We are able to build a better society and humanity through common understanding of what science entails. As we find solutions for existing problems, diseases and epidemics, we have the ability to equip ourselves for a better tomorrow. We can prevent and cure to a certain extent.
The other reason for my continuing into graduate studies is to acquire new skills in breakthrough technologies as well as in new methods being implemented nowadays. With such tools I would like to pursue amongst other things a thorough in-depth study on the impact of pharmacokinetics on the human body-which to me as always been mesmerizing.
As I've always been told to finish what I've started, my earning a graduate degree will be the proof that I am persistent, determined and can handle a challenging environment. All of those attributes, discipline and much more, will help me take part in successful entrepreneurial projects that may come about and will allow me to contribute to the best of my abilities to society.
Albert Einstein once said: "Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." To me, research is just expanding our imagination to a result we hope will be as logical, truthful as it is inspiring. Let us explore and find the inevitable truth through research, experience, research and more research!

Regine from Pennsylvania
Marywood University