Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

I am getting an MBA to complement my existing problem-solving skills and understanding of investor psychology that I have gained in Investor Relations at BlackRock with the technical knowledge and global perspective critical to my success in Corporate Strategy at BlackRock or another financial institution. Through Wharton’s core curriculum, I will supplement my liberal arts background with a broad business foundation. By majoring in Strategic Management and adding coursework in Business Analytics and Corporate Finance to enhance my knowledge of financial modeling and company valuation, I will also cultivate a specialized skillset to help me evaluate and solve strategic challenges in a professional setting.

Additionally, before he passed away recently, one of my mentors at work told me that Wharton was a “lifelong community and legacy” from which he continued to benefit greatly beyond his two years on campus. As he was someone that I greatly respected, I decided to pursue an MBA at Wharton so that I too can have the opportunity to join this global network of business leaders. I am confident that it will be a constant source of education and engagement throughout my career, and I look forward to continuing my mentor's legacy.

Eliza from New York
University of Pennsylvania