Write an essay where you tell us about what drives you in your pursuit of your graduate degree.

As we enter a more dramatic era of climate change and ecosystem disruption, ecological assessment and toxicological evaluation are becoming a critical component of a variety of industries. Everything from transportation, to agriculture to construction creates an environmental impact and in return is heavily reliant on ecological stability. As I completed my undergraduate degree and began working with the National Park Service, I began to wonder how anthropogenic mechanisms impacted environmental communities, and what approaches could be taken to minimize the impacts of toxic manmade products and hopefully salvage our remaining plant and wildlife species. As I began to pursue more challenging research and educational opportunities, I’ve learned that what excites me most is research that examines the intersection of ecology and toxicology. Accordingly, I’m attending Harvard School of Public Health to work towards my Masters in Environmental Health to achieve my career goal of working as a toxicologist, designing and implementing interventions to decrease toxic impacts and promote the continued diversity of various ecological habitats.
As I start graduate level work, I hope to continue studying the association between human-produced toxicological agents and ecological health. I aim to receive training in ecological research, complex toxicological data analysis and pursue intervention developments that center on the identification of primary source chemical introductions in aquatic habitats and the actions that can be taken to reverse the environmental impacts that already exist. I was most interested in pursuing an advanced degree to further my coursework knowledge of environmental systems and participate in professional level research with distinguished field professionals who could best guide me towards developing and targeting my research interests.

Samantha from Nevada
Harvard University